___________________________________________________________________________________ Paper wallet

Each LEAFCOIN client comes with an adress from which you can receive and send LEAFS instantly to anyone in the world.

Sending money is now as simple as sending e-mails. Transactions confirms almost instantly.

LEAFCOIN is decentralized. Transactions and distribution of the coins are being handled by a mathematical algorithm.

While new LEAFS are still being mined every day, total LEAFCOINS in circulation will be only 21 billions.

LEAFCOIN allows you to be your own banker. From now, there's no intermediate anymore between you and your money.

Digital-currencies inspired by Bitcoin breaks the chains of modern slavery. Download a wallet and get started !

You can buy goods in LEAFS in every store accepting digital currencies.
LEAF is a secured vessel for keeping and transferring wealth
LEAF can be used as an investment (LeafCoin is already worth $500.000 USD and growing !)




LEAF   General
Centralized checkpointing
Leaf developer has implemented centralized checkpoints to even further increase the security of the leafcoin network. Chains cannot get reversed beyond the last checkpoint.
We will start updating this website more regularly now. Be sure to tune in regularly to get latest updates on leafcoin's development. Leafcoin will rise from its ashes! We are here for the good cause and will be working on more adoption.
Digishield active
Because of a timewarp exploit leaf now has digishield integrated. The updates eliminates current and future exploits related to KGW.
Developer will return!
The developer has been away because of some personal reasons but will return within a few weeks to start working on various projects that need attention. Android, p2pool and other projects.
LEAF Mergemining
LeafCoins are mergemineable. Mergemining helps secure the leaf network. Leafcoin is safe. More info: click here
Fees to foundation
Leaf has implemented a fee to foundation structure. A percentage of every mined block goes to the foundation. We help save forests!
LEAF 2.0
LeafCoins are growing ! Everywhere ! We have been working hard making LEAF the best. More coming.
Paypal CEO says he "really likes Bitcoin"
David Marcus Paypal CEO says he "really likes Bitcoin" and that he owns some himself.
[Mining] Update
We changed reward structure. Be sure that you update before 15k block! 
Bank of America: Bitcoin Will Be 'Serious Competitor'
The bank suggest the digital cryptocurrency will become a major player in electronic payments.
LeafCoin foundation launched.
The official LeafCoin foundation have been launched. The foundation will collect LEAVES for reforestation
Apple Blocks Bitcoin Wallets: Users Destroy iPhones
Iphone users caught destroying their smartphones after Apple's decision to block a Bitcoin application.
New leafcoin logo
New logo for leafcoin chosen by leafcoin community.
First egyptian business to accept bitcoin
Bitcoin related news out of the Middle-East is rare

The LEAFCOIN Foundation

Today, more than 80,000 est. acres of rainforest have been destroyed, this is more than 60,500 football fields. 
Forests are the lungs of our world and we owe it to our future generation and the species living in the rainforest to preserve it. 
The LEAFCOIN Foundationas a partner of the WWF is collecting funds for the re-forrestation of the rainforest.




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